Hoffman Integrated Marketing Communication

Hoffman IMC is a Florida-based advertising and marketing communications firm with clients located throughout the United States. Since 1993 we have helped advertise, brand, promote, and grow some of America’s leading businesses from Fortune 100 companies to local businesses that want to grow.

Our clients are exceptional. And our work is neatly tailored for each one.

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Your story is told most powerfully when it flows over multiple media channels. We don’t separate traditional media approaches from those using digital, social media or unique out-of-home experiences. We use each medium to its best capacity and deliver the right message to the right market at the right time.


You need ideas. Big ideas. And an on-point strategy to ensure your promise of value is delivered through each customer touch point. We use behavioral and customer insights to develop and implement a strategy designed to meet your objectives. And win you loyal customers.


We love to tell stories – your stories. Stories that resonate with your customers and prompt them to buy. Short. Long. For the ear, the eye, and the heart. We help your story live across all channels and screens.

Enough about us. We're here to solve your problems.

Your company is not like your competitor’s. Why promote it the same way?

You need a partner who understands how to avoid the noise your competitors make and helps you be heard with your own clear, sound voice.

You need a partner who listens.

First to you: your situation, your objectives, your financial and market pressures.

Then to your customers, both present and future: their needs, their expectations.

And we listen for changes in the marketplace and adapt tactics to help you succeed.

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Working with Hoffman IMC is a real pleasure. They take the time to understand Loyola COB’s problems first, and then create solutions that maximize results within our budget. It is their attention to detail, timely responsiveness to situations, and market results that make Hoffman IMC such a valuable member of our communications team. I highly recommend them to any client who wants a thoughtful partner and the market results to move their organization forward.

William B. Locander, Ph.D.

Dean, Loyola New Orleans College of Business

Ad agency with great ideasYou Need Great Ideas

Stale, uninspired ideas don’t move the needle. Creative messages that connect with your market do.

Our team of creative thinkers blends great experience with up-to-date techniques that reach your prospects – no matter where they are or what screen they are using. And we partner with our clients to create marketing communications programs that grow businesses.

We spend our time and energy brainstorming, researching, and white-boarding new and inspiring ideas for communications that help your business engage with potential customers and turn them into loyal customers.

Simply put, our focus is on producing results for our clients, not making a name for ourselves. Good creative, excellent strategy, and solid marketing fundamentals speak for themselves.

Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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You need effective creative.

Creative is the magic that bridges the gap between ideas and understanding.  Nail it and you will have created a memorable, lasting impact upon the heart and mind of an individual.  Blow it and you’re as irrelevant as a pay phone in Silicon Valley.

Our writers, artists, producers, and web designers understand how to blend your marketing objectives with great messages – and we have a long track record of producing creative that moves people.

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You Need Performance

We’re not going to hide behind vague and complicated reports that fail to show the impact of your marketing dollars.  In fact, we go to the opposite extreme.

We provide you with analytics. Meaningful analytics that give you fresh understanding about your data and new insights gleaned from analyzing and interpreting the results of every dollar spent on every channel that we touch.

We’re committed to industry leading analytics – and our reporting shows it.

Besides, what do you have to hide if your campaigns are producing results?  Right?  If we’re not producing results for you, then you shouldn’t stay with us.  There’s no clever trickery here, just honest reporting of results that typically trend above industry averages.

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You need cutting-edge solutions

Using traditional media is great. But unifying the strength of traditional with the razor sharp targeting and flexibility of digital media is even better. And that means going beyond banner ads or poorly designed pay-per-click campaigns.

Our digital team is dedicated to studying the latest industry trends, social media platforms, analytics capabilities, and more.  We’re marketers, but we’re also futurists, and that means that you never have to miss out on an exciting opportunity to grow your business.

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You need a partner who listens.

Most large organizations have complicated reporting structures, complex regulatory environments, and significant budget approval challenges. We’re familiar with them all.

Hoffman IMC has more than twenty years of experience working with some of the largest organizations in banking, health care, commercial real estate and even government.  During that time, we’ve learned that listening to our clients is the most important thing we do.

By listening, we know your challenges – internal and external – and know how to best help get approval for ambitious marketing projects with buy-in at the highest organizational levels — even in the most complicated and political business environments.

Our job is to make you look like a superhero. We don’t just show up with a grand idea that you’ll never be able to get through committee. We understand practical limitations – but we also know that with the right idea, what was considered impractical yesterday is considered a no-brainer today.

There’s something refreshing about working with people who have been where you are and understand your challenges, don’t you think?  Learn More

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